Key Factors When Looking at Pulse Oximeters For Sale

A pulse oximeter is a medical device specifically designed to measure the level of oxygen of the blood. It is a very simple device and saves you a lot of time in going to doctor to have this procedure done. What the pulse oximeter basically does is connect to one end of the finger and the hemoglobin saturation is measured and is compared to normal levels (which are usually between 95 to 100% saturation). When looking at pulse oximeters for sale, there are a few factors to consider.

You should know that there are many types of oximeters and that you should select the one that is appropriate for you and fits your needs. These oximeters range from small to large, but the larger ones are used mainly in hospitals. The smaller, handheld oximeters and the portable fingertip pulse oximeters are ideal for use at home and even for sport and fitness applications.

Oximeters also differ in prices and when looking at finger pulse oximeters for sale, you should determine how much you are willing to spend. Luckily, there are oximeters to fit just about anyone’s budget (not to mention the fact that there’s a good chance that your health insurance plan will cover the purchase). The price range for these oximeters vary across the board in terms of less than a hundred dollars up to a couple thousand dollars. You must keep in mind that the higher priced oximeters do not necessarily mean better quality. However, what you should be looking for is an oximeter which gives an accurate, saturation readings and pulse rates.

Another factor to note is that if you are going to be using the pulse oximeter on your own and in the privacy of your home, you will need to make sure that the device is quite simple for you to use and understand. You should also ask for a demonstration from the seller of the device to clarify any questions which may arise when you reach home and are trying to use the pulse oximeter. If this isn’t available, some online sellers provide sufficient information through tutorials and videos.

When you purchase your oximeter, be sure to find out the terms and conditions of returning and refund in the event of you not being satisfied with the product. Most manufacturers will be more than happy to exchange the oximeter you bought with one that better fits your requirements and personal likes.

Based on the previous point, if you choose to purchase your pulse oximeter online, you should make sure that you do the necessary research. A trustworthy website will include testimonials from customers expressing their real views on using the oximeters. Some sites also offer discounts and better warranties than others. Be sure to buy from a company that has reliable customer service for helping you get started with your oximeter.

When looking at available oximeters for sale, it’s highly recommended to use the internet to research the different types of finger oximeters. In a few minutes, you can find out the exact specifications and prices in just about every model on the market.