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Some links to Cougar-related sites which may be of interest...

A UK forum containing a wealth of information for owners of the European Cougar and including technical information, supplier discounts and more.
The UK Cougar Owners Club

South Coast Cougars - A UK based local forum for Ford Cougar owners and offering friendly expert advice and information.
South Coast Cougars

The original New Edge Cougar Owners forum in the US with a large membership, providing an excellent source of knowledge for the Cougar.
NECO (New Edge Cougar Owners)

A large database of Cougar pictures, based in the US, but having many UK members. Registration is free.
Cougar Database

A German site from Thomas, a Euro-NECO member

Ford parts site based in the US
Bob Utter Ford Parts

A UK site offering discounted spares and accessories
Ford Parts UK

A Cougar enthusiast site from Alan, a member of UKCOUGAR.COM which contains a wealth of information together with details of his 2.0L Zetec model
Cougars Galore