Engine Specification        top    
  2.0L 16 V I4 Zetec 2.5L 24V V6 Duratec
Displacement 1998 2544
Bore 84.8mm 82.4mm
Stroke 88.0mm 79.5mm
Compression ratio 10.0:1 9.7:1
Fuel Type Unleaded 95 RON Octane Unleaded 95 RON Octane
Power ISO kW/PS 96/130 125/170
at engine speed 5600rpm 6250rpm
Torque 176Nm 220Nm
Max BMEP ISO kPa 1003 1087
at engine speed 4000rpm 4250rpm
Engine Construction        top    
Cylinders In-line four, installed at 6 degrees rearward  inclination, exhaust manifold to front V6 with 60 degrees between cylinders banks, transversely mounted
Head Precision die cast aluminium alloy with sintered valve guides and seats Precision sand cast aluminium alloy with sintered valve guides and seats
Block Cast iron Precision sand cast aluminium alloy (Cosworth process), dry cast iron cylinder liners, bedplate and structural oil pan
Crankshaft Cast iron with 46.9 mm diameter crankpins, eight counterweights, five 58 mm diameter main bearings and damped front pulley

Forged steel with 50 mm dia. crankpins, six counterweights, four 63 mm dia. main bearings and damped front pulley.  Supported in separate die-cast aluminium alloy bedplate (girdle)

Valve gear/induction Double overhead camshafts (DOHC) Double lightweight hollow fabricated overhead camshafts (DOHC) with low-friction roller finger followers and stationary hydraulic lash adjusters.  Aluminium inlet manifold with electrically-actuated port-throttle dual-phase induction ram system
Included valve angle 40 degrees 50 degrees
Valve sizes Intake 32mm Intake 32mm
  Exhaust 28mm Exhaust 26mm
Valve timing Intake opens 11 degrees BTDC Intake opens 17 degrees BTDC
  Intake closes 59 degrees ABDC Intake closes 47/53 degrees ABDC
  Exhaust opens 55 degrees BBDC Exhaust opens 67 degrees BBDC
  Exhaust closes 7 degrees ATDC Exhaust closes 13 degrees ATDC
  Overlap 18 degrees Ovelap 30 degrees
Camshaft drive 25.4 mm wide rubber belt with glass-fibre cord and polyamide jacket Silent inverted-tooth chain with hydraulic tensioner
Pistons Lightweight short-skirt silicon aluminium, strutless, with low-friction coating Lightweight, short-skirt silicon-aluminium alloy with cast-iron lower compression ring and segmented three-piece oil control ring
Connecting rods Forged steel, machined Sintered forged steel with fracture split big‑ends
Engine management Ford EEC-V electronic module Ford EEC-V electronic module
Injection Sequential electronic fuel injection (SEFI) Sequential electronic fuel injection (SEFI) with top-fed low-inertia injectors installed in fabricated steel fuel rail
Ignition Ford electronic distributorless Ford electronic distributorless
Emission controls Closed-loop three-way underfloor catalytic converter with oxygen sensor Two close-coupled closed-loop three-way light-off catalytic converters with twin heated oxygen sensors plus large main underfloor catalyst
Level ‘96 EC Emission Directive/ Stage II; D3 for Germany (except with auto trans) ‘96 EC Emission Directive/ Stage II; D3 for Germany
Transmission                   top    
Type - Manual Ford MTX75 manual overdrive 5-speed; synchromesh on all ratios including reverse
Clutch type Hydraulically-operated single plate diaphragm spring
Diameter, mm/in  220 mm  
Engine type 2.0L 16 V I4 Zetec 2.5L 24V V6 Duratec
Ratios 5th 0.854 0.854
  4th 1.114 1.114
  3rd 1.483 1.483
  2nd 2.136 2.136
  1st 3.417 3.417
  Reverse 3.462 3.462
Final Drive Ratio 3.82 3.82

Type - Automatic                      

Ford CD4E dual-mode automatic 4-speed with overdrive top  
Torque converter Hydraulic with lock-up clutch  
Engine type 2.0L 16 V I4 Zetec 2.5L 24V V6 Duratec
Ratios 4th 0.69 0.69
  3rd 1.00 1.00
  2nd 1.57 1.57
  1st 2.89 2.89
  Reverse 2.31 2.31
Final Drive Ratio 3.92 3.77
Body                               top    
Structure Computer-optimised, high-efficiency, unitary-welded steel body incorporating rigid occupant protection cell and front and rear energy-absorbing crumple zones and side impact protection systems. Direct-glazed windshield and backlight. Drag coefficient 0.32.
Safety features Integrated safety concept incorporating optimised reinforcement for high-energy frontal, side and rear impacts with door beams, facia cross-beam and steering column support. Driver’s and passenger’s front and side air bags standard. Side airbags designed to protect head and thorax.
Bumper system Damage-resistant, full-depth moulded reinforced polypropylene. Energy absorbing high density polyethylene inserts front and rear.
Anti-corrosion 24-stage paint and body protection process, including pre-coating with zinc for all exterior panels, optimised phosphate spray coat, electrocoat filler/surfacer, wet-on-wet enamel topcoat, comprehensive wax injection of cavities, PVC and wax underbody coating plus stone chip protection. Particular attention paid to sealing flanges with rust-inhibiting adhesive and thick PVC sealing beads. Front plastic wheelarch liners, rear textile wheelarch liners, anti-scuff strips on inner door sills and rear load sill.
Suspension                      top    
Front Independent by MacPherson struts with angled coil spring/damper units and lower A- arms mounted on optimised vertical bushes. Suspension arms, anti-roll bar and steering rack mounted on separate perimeter front sub-frame.
Rear Independent ‘Quadralink’ system with strut-type coil spring/damper units, two transverse and one trailing arm each side, incorporating passive rear wheel steering. Rear anti-roll bar.
Type Variable-rate rack-and-pinion with power assistance.
Turning circle 10.9m (wall to wall)  
Brakes                            top    
Type                                           Dual circuit, diagonally split, hydraulically-operated disc front and drum rear. Vacuum servo assisted with standard electronically-controlled four-channel anti-lock system with electronic brake‑force distribution (EBD). Integrated traction control standard on 2.5 litre (optional 2.0 litre)
Front 2.0L 16 V I4 Zetec 260 mm dia. by 24 mm ventilated discs
  2.5L 24V V6 Duratec 278 mm dia. by 24 mm ventilated discs
Rear 2.0L 16 V I4 Zetec 252 mm ventilated discs
  2.5L 24V V6 Duratec 252 mm ventilated discs
Wheels & Tyres               top    
Series Entry Series High Series
Wheel type Steel (standard) Aluminium alloy
  Aluminium alloy (optional)  
Wheel size 15 x 6 in. 16 x 61/2 in.
Tyre size 205/60 x VR15 215/50 x VR16
Exterior                          top    
Overall length 4699mm  
Overall width 1769mm  
Overall height 1325mm  
Wheelbase 2704mm  
Front track 1506mm  
Rear track 1491mm  
Interior                           top    
Headroom 879mm  
Shoulder room 1368mm  
Max legroom 1081mm  
Headroom 881mm  
Shoulder room 1304mm  
Max legroom 843mm  
Trunk capacity 350 litres  
Fuel capacity 60 litres  
Weights                          top      
  Basic kerb Normal kerb Maximum kerb
Engine/Transmission Trim Front Rear Total Front Rear Total Front Rear Total
2.0L 16 V Zetec/M5 Low 813 478 1291 825 499 1323 836 520 1356
2.0L 16 V Zetec/A4 Low 828 487 1315 840 508 1347 851 529 1380
2.5L 24V Duratec/M5 High 886 456 1342 903 478 1380 919 499 1419
2.5L 24V Duratec/A4 High 909 469 1378 926 491 1416 942 512 1455
    Max Axle GVW   IWC   Towing    
Engine/Transmission Trim Front Rear         Limit    
2.0L 16 V Zetec/M5 Low 944 769 1685   1470   1500    
2.0L 16 V Zetec/A4 Low 958 776 1705   1470   1500    
2.5L 24V Duratec/M5 High 1026 754 1745   1470   1500    
2.5L 24V Duratec/A4 High 1049 765 1780   1590   1500    
Performance & Economy top      
  2.0L 16V Zetec 2.0L 16V Zetec 2.5L 24V Duratec 2.5L 24V Duratec
  manual automatic manual automatic
Max speed, mph 130 (209 km/h) 122 (195 km/h) 140 (225 km/h)

129 (206 km/h)

Acceleration, sec        
0 - 100 km/h 10.3 12.2 8.6 10.4
50 - 100 km/h (4th) 12.5 n/a 10.0 n/a
0 - 60 mph  9.6 11.5 8.1 9.8
30-50 mph (4th) 7.8 8.3 6.7 8.3
Economy l/100km:        
NEFC   8.3 (34 mpg) 8.9 (31.7 mpg) 9.6 (29.4 mpg) 9.7 (29.1 mpg)
CO2, g/km 195 208 225 228